What steps do you need to take to become a professional artist?

Becoming a professional artist takes a certain amount of skill and talent. A student of the arts needs to be able to further their talents in drawing and in particular the area of observational studies to accomplish great achievements in this area of study.

First of all, you will need to gain an education in art. People often have a reasonable natural ability in art, however it is extremely unlikely that you would require any further training. There is always room for improvement.

Next it is advisable to find out any weaker areas within your ability and focus on them to be able to better yourself in the future. I personally find it useful here to ask a very honest friend of their opinion of my work. Constructive criticism is extremely useful.

Another key step in becoming a professional artist is to research your subject in great detail. Even if a piece of work is fantasy, it must have an observed quality about it.

Also you must research your style. Before setting out to create a piece of art, make sure you know what your intentions are and how you are going to go about producing it. Everything you produce must appear as though that is how you meant to make it look.

Start by drawing very basic shapes and outlines, these should mimic the final proportions of your piece. There should be several attempts before a piece is finalised.

Next, pay close attention to your composition, the rough/practise stage is for this very purpose. Make sure that the viewers eyes are going only where you want them to go.

Studying colour theory is a great piece of advise to take on board. Learning about the nature of sight, and the science of light are both very important. Understanding colour temperature and shadow colouring is imperative to your end result.

Finally, experiment and express yourself through your work and make it your own.

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